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Why Shops & Dealerships Work With Automotive Recruiters

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If you’re like most shop owners and hiring managers, then hiring for technicians is all too familiar. The shortage of technicians is a serious problem, and it’s growing. Chances are you’ve posted open positions on the major job boards such as Indeed and ZipRecruiter. You may have even paid for premium listings. (And, let’s face it, those aren’t cheap.) And, still, you’re not getting the qualified applicants you need to fill your positions.

You’re not alone. We talk to shop owners and managers in charge of hiring all the time when they haven’t had luck with job board postings. It’s not that job board postings aren’t important or shop owners aren’t doing it correctly. It’s just that job boards are only one piece of what it takes to recruit qualified techs.

Why It’s So Hard to Recruit Technicians

If you want to hire a qualified tech in your area, the chances are high that they are already employed and not actively looking for a new position. This is why relying on job board postings alone doesn’t always work for a lot of shops — techs aren’t seeing the post because the majority of them aren’t looking for a new job.

With this candidate-driven market, it is so important for shops to be actively searching for and reaching out to qualified techs who aren’t necessarily looking for work. (In the recruiting world, this is called passive recruiting.) As you can imagine, this is incredibly time-consuming. It requires contacting people in your personal network, finding and reaching out to techs on social media and industry websites — and all while still posting on multiple job boards.

This is why so many shops and dealerships are now outsourcing their hiring efforts to automotive recruiting companies.

The Benefits of Working With a Recruiting Company

Most shop owners and managers don’t have the time or the network to have success with passive recruiting. Working with a recruiting company can offer shops and dealerships a number of benefits:

  • Save time.
    The big one, right? Recruiting companies will take care of it all, so you don’t have to. From writing job postings to posting them on hundreds of job boards to reaching out to passive candidates. Many companies will even sort through all the applications, pre-screen candidates, and nominate only the applicants that meet your criteria.

  • Access to their pool of candidates.
    Don’t forget — recruiting companies don’t just work for businesses, they work with job seekers, too. They already have an existing pipeline of candidates that they can reach out to about your job opening.

  • Access to their knowledge.
    Recruiters know how to recruit (surprise!). They know how to write job postings that will attract applicants. They have a good idea of the job market in your area and can make sure your pay and benefits are up to par. They know where to look for candidates and how to approach them. And, they’re great at staying organized throughout the entire hiring process. What is all comes down to is there’s a lot that goes into running a shop. Outsourcing recruitment gives shop owners one less thing to worry about.

What is all comes down to is there’s a lot that goes into running a shop. Outsourcing recruitment gives shop owners one less thing to worry about.