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Why Your Auto Shop Website Needs a Career Page


There are a number of places where technicians may see your job postings — the big ones being job boards and social media. However, regardless of whether they see your listing on LinkedIn or Indeed, chances are they’re going to go to your auto shop’s website to look for more information.

With 77% of job seekers coming to a business’ website to learn about jobs, businesses across all industries are now adding a career page to their website. The question is — are they going to find more information on your website?

Many automotive repair shops seem to be missing a big opportunity to advertise job openings on their website. And, with this labor market, shops can’t afford to miss any opportunities to find and hire qualified techs.

What is a Career Page?

A career page is a page on a company’s website that lists job openings and showcases what it’s like to work for the company — highlighting the company’s mission, culture, and benefits.

A good career page is more than a listing of open jobs. It capture the attention of job seekers in seconds, and tell a story about why employees love working for your company.

10 Tips for Creating a Career Page For Your Auto Shop

  1. Tell your story.
    Share the history behind your shop — including your mission, values, and the people who helped build your business.
  2. Include photos of your shop.
    Every tech wants to make sure they’re working in a clean, organized shop, so tidy up and snap some pictures of your crew at work.
  3. List company benefits.
    Benefits are a huge consideration for job seekers. Make sure you’re listing all the benefits your shop offers employees, such as:

    • Sign-on bonus
    • Competitive pay
    • Performance bonuses
    • Health insurance
    • 401(k) or retirement benefits
    • Paid time off
    • Relocation assistance
    • Employee discounts
    • Tool allowance
  4. Share employee testimonials.
    Quotes or video testimonials from your current employees is a great way to build trust and demonstrate how much your employees love working at your shop.
  5. List all open jobs… and then some.
    By this point, candidates will be looking for where they can apply to work for such an awesome shop. One thing shops should consider is not only listing their current job openings, but also listing positions that they have a hard time finding qualified candidates for. These days, having too many good techs is an awesome problem to have.
  6. Keep the application process simple and easy.
    There’s a lot of fancy tools out there for creating an online application process, but not every shop wants to make the investment. Simply listing an email address for applicants to send their resume works just as well.
  7. Talk about growth opportunities.
    Job seekers want to make sure there’s a clear growth path when they apply to a new company. Make sure to list out any of the growth opportunities your shop offers, such as:

    • Onboarding program
    • On the job training
    • Training or certification reimbursements
    • Mentorship program
  8. Add social share buttons.
    Maybe there isn’t a good position for the person who landed on your career page, but they know someone who would be a good fit. Make it easy for them to share your career page with them with social share buttons.
  9. Make it mobile-friendly.
    Job seekers are often visiting your website using their mobile phone, so you need to make sure your career page is easy to read on a smaller screen. This can be done by using short sentences/paragraphs, and utilizing section headers to break up the text.
  10. Add an FAQ sections.
    Having an FAQ section can address the common questions candidates have when applying for a job. This will save you the time of having to answer the same questions over again for interested applicants.

Want more? Check out examples of the career pages we love in our new guidebook, How to Find Technicians to Work at Your Shop