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Where to Advertise Jobs for Automotive Technicians

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The industry-wide shortage of diesel and automotive technicians has shops in a never-ending battle to find and recruit qualified techs. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates an average of 76,000 technicians are needed each year to replace those who are retiring or leaving the industry.

As qualified techs become harder to find, it becomes more important for shops and dealerships to advertise their job openings in as many places as possible. Thankfully there’s no shortage of places to advertise job openings.

19+ Places to Post Jobs for Automotive & Diesel Technicians

Major Job Boards

There are a number of job boards online that shops and dealerships should be posting on. Businesses of all sizes, across all industries advertise on these job sites — driving millions of job seekers to their site every day.

Of course, because these job sites are so popular among employers, the best way to get eyes on your job opening is by paying to sponsor/feature your job opening. These costs vary by job site, but typically run around $500/month.

Below are the major job boards shops & dealerships should be posting their job openings on:

  • Indeed
  • ZipRecruiter
  • CareerBuilder
  • Glassdoor
  • Monster
  • Google For Jobs
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook

Automotive Industry Job Boards

While industry job boards won’t have the quantity of traffic that the major job boards have, since they’re solely focused on the automotive, diesel, and heavy equipment industries, they’re much more likely to bring in quality traffic.

Industry job boards are few and far between, but shops and dealerships should make sure to advertise their job openings on:

  • Find A Wrench
  • VehicleServicePros.com
  • AutoTechnician.org
  • AUTOjobs
  • NeedTechs.com
  • FleetJobs.com
  • Technician and Mechanic Jobs

Social Media Pages

Shops and dealerships regularly use their social media pages to interact with customers. However, with 79% of applicants using social media in their job search, many shops and dealerships are missing this opportunity to interact with potential candidates. Posting on Facebook and LinkedIn (and Twitter if you’ve got it!) is an easy way to spread the word about job openings.

Employee Shares on Social Media

What’s better than posting job openings on your shop’s social media page? Having your employees share it on their personal social media profiles. In fact, your branded social media posts can reach 561% further when shared by employees versus brands.

Social Media Ads

If you’re looking for a tech that is factory trained or has specific certifications, you may want to consider social media ads. Facebook and LinkedIn both allow you to only target a specific audience with your job ads based on the criteria you set. While targeting varies between platforms, some of your options include:

  • Location
  • Job Title
  • Education
  • Years of Experience
  • Interests

Facebook Groups

Another great place to advertise job openings is in Facebook groups. This requires a bit of research, as you need to find the Facebook groups in your area where it makes sense to post your jobs. However, once you’ve identified those groups and joined, you can post your openings regularly.

Jobs Tab on Facebook Page

An often underutilized section of Facebook pages is the Jobs tab. While this may not make sense for all shops, it’s a great option for those that hire regularly. Adding a jobs tab to your Facebook page makes it easier for candidates to search for and apply for open positions. (Plus, it’s free!)

LinkedIn Career Page

Another great option for shops that hire regularly is investing in a LinkedIn career page. Like a jobs tab on Facebook, a Career page is a dedicated area of your shop’s LinkedIn page to post job openings and talk about what it’s like to work at your shop.

Your Website

While your shop or dealership website is used primarily for customers, you should absolutely have a section of your website dedicated to employment. A career page on your website can be used to list all current job openings, employee benefits, share what it’s like to work at your shop, and how interested candidates can apply.

For additional details, examples, and instructions on advertising automotive and diesel jobs in any of these places, check out the guidebook, How to Find Technicians to Work in Your Shop

This article was originally published on Automotive Management Network.