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What’s New at Find A Wrench: Better Visibility into Recruiting Efforts

recruiting dashboard

At Find A Wrench, we use the 4-Speed Recruiting Method for finding and recruiting technicians for shops. This method isn’t new. We’ve always put a great deal of hard work and time into managing job boards, recruiting on social media, personalized outreach, and applicant management for our clients.

However, previously our clients only saw the end result — resumes. Now they get to see all the work we do “behind the scenes” with our brand new portal.

find-a-wrench-recruiting-portalOur client portal gives a full view of all of our recruiting efforts. Clients can now log in and:

  • View live job postings on major job boards like ZipRecruiter, Indeed, and Find A Wrench
  • See the number of social media groups we’ve identified as applicable and are posting their jobs in
  • See the number of pipeline candidates we’ve identified in their area that have the right skills and experience – these are the people we are emailing/texting on a weekly basis
  • View candidates who have applied – including the ability to look at their resumes and make notes on the candidate
  • Track where candidates are in the hiring process
  • Message back and forth with their Find A Wrench account manager and recruiter

In addition, we also started sending a weekly email to our clients showing our recruiting efforts for the previous week. The email is basically a summarized version of the portal.

Sample Email:


We’re very excited to start rolling out the new portal in the next few weeks. We’ll be working closely with our existing clients to ensure they are comfortable accessing and navigating their new portal.

We all know that hiring for a tech position does not happen overnight. With demand for techs high, a lack of people entering the trades, and recruiting just not being what it used to be – it takes time to find the right wrench for the job. While we can’t offer an overnight solution (and, believe me, we wish we could!), we’re excited to give our clients the visibility to see the progress that’s going into filling their position(s).

If you’d like to learn more about Find A Wrench recruiting services, please contact us. We’d love to chat!