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Recruiting & Retaining Technicians in Today’s Environment

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Recruiting and retaining qualified technicians is hard enough. However, I certainly don’t think the majority of us foresaw any of the events of 2020 happening — complicating our technician shortage even further.

Recently, Find A Wrench Founder & President, Jay Goninen joined Fullbay CEO, Jacob Findlay, and Fullbay COO, Chris O’Brien on a webinar to discuss how shop owners can recruit and retain great talent in today’s environment.

You can check out the recording, or just scan the highlights below.

Recruit and Retain: Tips for Owners and Techs — Webinar Recording

Takeaways: Tips for Recruiting & Retaining Technicians

Why is tech retention so important?

  • 6% growth in service professions in the next 10 years
  • 46,000 new technicians jobs that will be created in the next 10 years
  • 76,000 new technicians needed to fill vacated and new positions EACH year

Tip #1: Always be recruiting… even during COVID-19.

Of technicians that are currently employed,

  • 2% are actively looking for a new position
  • 3% are passively looking for a new position
  • 70% are open to new opportunities, but not looking
  • 25% have no plans to leave their current position

How shop management has handled coronavirus has opened the eyes of many technicians. Many who weren’t previously looking for a new position are now open to other opportunities.

Tip #2: Create a good working environment in your shop.

  • Make sure your expectations are clear and aligned with the expectations of your technicians.
  • Provide continuous feedback on performance.
  • Be transparent about what success looks like in your shop and the role they play in making it happen.
  • Remember that a little bit goes a long way when it comes to making the shop a great place to work (i.e., a clean bathroom, air conditioning, snacks, etc.).

Tip #3: It’s hard work to recruit tech. Put in the effort to retain them.

  • Praise does not wait. Acknowledge a job well done, right when it’s done.
  • While techs will supply the majority of the tools on their own, the tools your shop supplies should be up-to-date and well-maintained.

Want to learn more? Check out the full webinar recording.