About Otto Jacobs Company

For 97 years, Otto Jacobs Company has been owned and operated by the Jacobs family in the tight-knit community of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Founded by Otto Jacobs in 1923, Otto Jacobs Company is currently under third generation ownership by Otto’s grandson, Jesse. And Jesse Jacobs recently welcomed his son, Evan, to the business as a fourth generation of ownership.

Otto Jacobs Company focuses on ready mixed concrete production, delivery, and service — providing properly trained and skilled workers focusing on customer service that sets them apart.

“We’re not so big that you can’t reach the owners,” Jesse explained. “We also seek out like-minded customers and market ourselves to that niche. We want to work with the owners as well.”

Problem: No Time to Find the Right Way to Reach Qualified Technicians

Otto Jacobs has a team of 24 employees — the majority of whom are drivers. On the tech side, they have one lead technician and two shop helpers.

As you can imagine, when their established lead technician left, a significant gap was created in their service team.

“We’re a 2-3 person shop, so when one leaves your productivity is cut in half,” Jesse explained. “You get behind exponentially every day. Filling that position in a timely manner is so important.”

In the past, when a tech position needed to be filled, Otto Jacobs Company relied on local shopper publications and word of mouth. But now, with so many media outlets and a national technician shortage, they weren’t sure where to start.

“It’s challenging trying to identify the right media and outlets to reach potential candidates,” Jesse said. “We don’t know what our candidate pool prefers or monitors. And, in general, there’s a smaller pool of people looking for this type of work.”

Solution: Otto Jacobs Company Puts Job Advertising in the Hands of Find A Wrench

With little time to dedicate to finding the right candidate, Jesse took a recommendation from a family member to check out Find A Wrench.

“After first considering, and then determining from online research that there were actually recruiters for our needs, I was happy to see Find A Wrench was not only a local company, but they were also reasonably priced, even for a smaller company like Otto Jacobs,” Jesse said.

With that, Find A Wrench got to work for Otto Jacobs Company — posting their job opening to hundreds of job boards, social media groups, and reaching out to their ever-growing network of technicians.

“Find A Wrench is in touch with all the channels of advertising for reaching techs,” Jesse explained. “I didn’t even know what to do and where to start. That’s not my job.”

Results: Speed and Efficiency Leads to a Hire

In less than two months, Jesse received two qualified candidates — both of which he made offers to, and one he ultimately hired. Jesse described the process of working with Find A Wrench as simple, straightforward, and efficient.

“We were very impressed with the ease and speed with which Find A Wrench took the information about our needs and went to work quickly finding the ideal candidate for our purpose,” Jesse explained. “Find A Wrench moved with the same sense of urgency that we felt — to help us find the right candidate to fill our position.”

“One of the toughest parts of finding any applicant regardless of method used is the time needed to search that takes away from the time I need to make money,” Jesse continued.

“What Find A Wrench was able to offer, even to a small business like mine, was money well spent. It took some of the frustration out of my process because I didn’t have to think about what I missed. I had faith in what Find A Wrench was doing.”