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Coronavirus Knocked Us All On Our Asses


Wow… what a crazy time. I think our CEO at Find A Wrench, Mark Wilson, summed it up best when he said, “This past week has been at least 176 days long.”

How quickly our world has been turned upside down by coronavirus. I’m only nine days into self-quarantine, and I’m already thinking about all the things I took for granted…

… Hugging my parents and my sisters.

… Seeing my co-workers’ faces every day.

… Spending an hour at the gym sweating off the day’s stress.

… Getting served an ice cold White Claw at my favorite bar.

… Being able to work a full day without being interrupted by a three-year-old.

If you’re like me, you’ve gone through a roller coaster of emotions. I’ve cried. I’ve gotten mad. I’ve felt depressed. Optimistic. Scared. Strong… All in a matter of an hour. But what I’m coming to settle on is we need to stay calm. We need to be transparent. We need to stick together. We need to help each other. Because we will not get through this without supporting one another.

Introducing Our New Podcast Beyond the Wrench… In a Much Different Way than Expected

Beyond the Wrench Podcast

For the last couple of months, I’ve been working closely with our President and Founder at Find A Wrench, Jay Goninen, to get ready to launch a podcast. We spent hours preparing for this launch. Each episode was carefully planned and edited — ready to be delivered to all the podcast directories in the next few weeks.

But then coronavirus happened. And as we were strategizing what we could do to help our industry during this tough time, we sat silent. Because we don’t have the answers. No one does.

So what we decided to do is to launch our podcast, Beyond the Wrench, early. The first few, well-planned episodes are out there, but we’re also putting out frequent, uncut episodes interviewing shop owners and industry professionals about how they’re being affected by COVID-19.

Our goal is not to provide the answers. Our goal is to bring the aftermarket together as a community. We want shop owners to find comfort in knowing that other shop owners are struggling with the same difficult decisions. We want to remind everyone that this too shall pass, and we will come out stronger, and more united than we’ve ever been before.

So, we hope you’ll check our podcast, Beyond the Wrench. We hope you can take something away from the stories we’re sharing. And, don’t worry, we’ll still be releasing regular episodes talking about how shops can run a better business and be more profitable both during and after coronavirus.

So click on the link below to give us a listen — tell us what you think. And, most importantly, stay safe and stay healthy.

Check Out the Beyond the Wrench Podcast