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Get Involved – A paradigm shift for younger generations.

One of the common complaints that I hear from shops in our communication is regarding the lack of young Mechanics and/or Technicians entering the workforce. We hear this from every sector we work with…car repair, truck repair, machinery repair, etc. While this has always been somewhat of a concern, the advancements of technology are making […]

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Conflict in the Workplace

Those of you that know me well, know that I read…a lot. From time to time, I like to share what books I’m reading and what I’m learning from them. I get approached by lots of Service Managers, Technicians and Mechanics looking for advice about learning more about leadership and I like to give them […]

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Flat Rate is DEAD as we know it. (Kind of)

One of the most debated subjects in our business is pay plans for Technicians. Some Techs feel like they are getting ripped off by an outdated pay plan while others feel like there is opportunity to put some extra cash in their pocket. Shop Owners and Managers struggle to find the right incentive plan that […]

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Auto shops: 3 changes to save your future

I talk to the owners of auto shops large and small — from dealerships to two-man shops — and they’re all asking themselves the same question. “If I want to keep running this business for another 20 years, who is going to work here? What will the be the carrot that brings young technicians back […]

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Why Would I Work for You? A Short Guide on how to Sell your Shop to Technicians

There is no question that finding Techs is getting harder by the day and almost every shop that I talk to is hunting for people with the same skill set.  While the demand is on a constant trend upward, the trend of people entering the work force is headed the opposite direction. I recently read […]

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Shop Culture

It’s funny how important the word “Culture” has become in our shops and I think that at times it’s hard for Techs to understand why. Before you roll your eyes and turn away, I want to explain why this is more than just a buzzword and why this should be incredibly important to you. If […]

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