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Not getting the Techs you want? It’s time for a paradigm shift.

If finding a Mechanic or Technician is becoming increasingly difficult for you, you’re not alone. We speak with shops on a daily basis that are in desperate need of help, which isn’t a surprise to anybody. What has been a surprise is how little effort is given to the actual recruiting process itself. In a […]

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What is your unique differentiator and why is your shop different?

We continually hear, day after day, how difficult it is to find good help from shop owners across the country. “Can’t find anybody that is reliable and can actually diagnose or fix things” is a common thought communicated to us…and in all honesty, it’s really what drives our business. We help shops not only go […]

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Auto shops: 3 changes to save your future

I talk to the owners of auto shops large and small — from dealerships to two-man shops — and they’re all asking themselves the same question. “If I want to keep running this business for another 20 years, who is going to work here? What will the be the carrot that brings young technicians back […]

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Bad Boss – The Transition from Shop to Office

Over the years, I’ve witnessed a consistent trend where a shop will magically turn their best Technician into a mediocre and ineffective Manager. In the process, they not only lose their top producer in the shop, they are stuck with inferior management. The story typically starts with a retirement, firing or resignation of the prior […]

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