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More than a Mechanic – Converting your skills into more.

I’m guilty of referring to Techs as Mechanics still. It kind of stuck with me growing up and I’ve chronicled this in the past. The common reason that I hear that Techs don’t want to be referred to as Mechanics is because many Techs primary focus is no longer centered around mechanical work. Rather, they […]

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From the Football Field to the Shop Floor – 5 Ways Techs and Managers can learn from sports and apply it to the shop.

Growing up in Wisconsin, we didn’t have much of a choice but to love the Green Bay Packers. I was lucky to be a kid when the Falcons were dumb enough to trade Brett Favre and Reggie White used his new found free agency rights to choose to suit up in the green and gold. […]

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Get Involved – A paradigm shift for younger generations.

One of the common complaints that I hear from shops in our communication is regarding the lack of young Mechanics and/or Technicians entering the workforce. We hear this from every sector we work with…car repair, truck repair, machinery repair, etc. While this has always been somewhat of a concern, the advancements of technology are making […]

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Ending the Year of Learning – A recap of 2018

I cannot believe that 2018 is over. This was the fastest year of my life both personally and professionally, and was probably my biggest year of growth. I take time at the end of each year to reflect on the prior year and kind of recap, if for nothing other than to remind myself of […]

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