Our Story

Find A Wrench was founded out of necessity after years and years of frustration of not seeing anybody working to fix the issues that shops have.

Watching shops struggle to find the talent they need for their businesses to succeed, Find A Wrench has developed proven solutions to these problems. It does come with one warning…and that is that we’re not an overnight solution.

The talent game isn’t the same as it has been in the past. You can’t just snap your fingers and have a suitable replacement in your shop anymore. A lack of people entering the pipeline of the trades has left our industry with a lack of people. Pair this with an uptick in demand for their services and you have a virtual wild west scenario in which repair shops are duking it out for top talent.

To combat this, most shops will use a similar approach to what they did 20 years ago and are surprised when they come up short in their search. In case you haven’t noticed, this simply has not worked. Enter Find A Wrench.

Find A Wrench works with dealerships and independent repair shops all across the country to help them identify top talent and develop strategies aimed at fixing their problems. We offer 3 different services, all of which are focused on helping shops connect with Technicians.



Find A Wrench was founded in early 2017 by Jay Goninen and has steadily grown from a new startup to a legit player in the service staffing business.

Jay has been involved in the service business for most of his life. His family took over ownership of a small auto repair shop in Mineral Point, Wisconsin when Jay was just 9 years old. Because of lack of funds, Jay’s family didn’t have the ability to hire on anybody to do office work and this resulted in Jay needing to step up. Working around his school schedule, he answered phones, scheduled appointments and filled out deposit slips.

Little did he know that the experiences he had early in life would have a huge impact on the business he would eventually start. Even the name Find A Wrench is a reference to hearing his Dad say that “He couldn’t find a darn wrench anywhere”. Of course, he was talking about needing Mechanics. As he entered his professional life, he started to understand that it was getting even tougher to find Mechanics and that a lot of shop owners were struggling.

Find A Wrench started in early 2017, with Jay Goninen calling up some of his friends and telling them that he was starting a business. He offered to help find them Mechanics for free in exchange for gaining valuable experience. After making a few placements, business started to pick up. People other than friends were calling and asking for help and the team at Find A Wrench has been busy ever since.

If you’re a repair shop looking for Techs or if you work on cars, trucks or machinery, we’d love to hear from you.