Find a Wrench

About Find A Wrench

For years, finding skilled people to work on cars, trucks and machinery has been a headache. And each year, the gap between the jobs available and the amount of skilled workers to fill those jobs increases. This has created a shortage of Technicians across the industry and driven a hyper competitive job market in which top Technicians are in huge demand. To top it off, Owners and Managers of shops simply do not have the time needed to find the people they desperately need.

At Find A Wrench, we work with repair shops to find them potential employees. We use networking, marketing and social media strategies to track down the hard to find candidates that Management simply does not have time to do. Following our 5 step process detailed on the “For Shops” page results in saved time and less stress throughout the hiring process.

If you’re looking for alternatives over and above recruiting, Find A Wrench has another platform that might interest you. is a site offered by Find A Wrench that is an interactive job board that gives your job the ultimate exposure.  Not only are you able to browse resumes and have your posting featured on the website, you’ll also get the benefit of your job being pushed out to numerous other job boards.  The goal is to get exposure to your ad and we feel like we give you a great chance to do that.

With either service we offer, we take pride in focusing all of our energy on the service business.  Technicians and Mechanics are what we are passionate about and we feel that it gives us a huge competitive advantage in helping connect the people that matter.

Why we do this 

Our roots are in the Service business.  We aren’t your typical recruiting service or job board in that we’ve been in your shoes and understand the difficulties that go into this business.  Our experience covers a bunch of different industries including Automotive, Trucking, General Diesel and Machinery among others.  The goal is not to just make placements but to make the industry better.  Our calling is to connect great people that can make that happen!


If you’re a repair shop looking for Techs or if you work on cars, trucks or machinery, we’d love to hear from you.