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Archive: October 2018

5 Tips for an Amazing Job Description for Mechanics

One of the great parts about owning and managing a job board (our FindAMechanic.com platform) is that you’re able to see thousands of job descriptions come across your computer. While that might not sound all that exciting to most of you, it really is to us. It gives us a chance to check out what […]

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Getting Organized – The first “G”​ in the “GARAGE”​ Plan

We recently introduced our GARAGE plan (you can read here) to the public as a way to help shops develop a strategy around recruiting and retaining top quality Technicians. The feedback on the plan itself has been great but we’ve been asked to take an even deeper dive into this. Our feeling is that we need […]

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Need a plan for finding Techs? Our video for the GARAGE Plan is finally here.

Per request, we’re sending along the video we put together to explain our GARAGE plan. Use this plan to change your approach to finding Techs.   https://www.useloom.com/share/48572d13733846ba94329937520328b2

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Not getting the Techs you want? It’s time for a paradigm shift.

If finding a Mechanic or Technician is becoming increasingly difficult for you, you’re not alone. We speak with shops on a daily basis that are in desperate need of help, which isn’t a surprise to anybody. What has been a surprise is how little effort is given to the actual recruiting process itself. In a […]

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