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Archive: May 2017

G.A.S Guys Wanted!!!

Have you ever worked in or with a shop where there is no pride?  Where attention to detail is laughable and you would love to just grab a guy by the neck to try and shake some sense into them?  I think that everybody runs into this issue and it’s painful when facing it head […]

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They want ME to be a Mentor?

In many shops (or businesses in general), it’s getting more and more common to designate a Mentor for newer employees coming into your business.  The Mentor is typically somebody that has been around for a while and knows the ropes, and the hope is that the Mentor will relay their knowledge gained over the years […]

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The Power of Confidence for Techs

How important is confidence to a Technician?  To me, it is the single biggest factor in determining whether a Tech is going to be successful or not.  I’m not talking about the false confidence shown by a new Technician trying to prove that they “belong”.  I’m referring to a person that knows that they can […]

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