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The process for a Technician to get started on exploring their options for employment begin with us getting to know you, and this goes beyond what is written on your resume.  We believe that knowing what makes you tick and what you like in a potential employer is critical to putting you in the right spot.  So, the whole process begins with you filling out the Tech questionnaire on the Find A Wrench website.  It’s also helpful for you to upload your resume at this point, too.  If you’re not comfortable putting a resume together, let us know and we’ll help you out!  After we know what you’re looking for in an employer and a get a general idea of a location, we’ll go to work on finding potential matches.  You may see some postings on our job board that could interest you as well and we invite you to explore those as well.  Just let us know if you see something that interests you.  Get started by filling out the questionnaire and uploading your resume.  We’ll take it from there!