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If you are looking for top level talent to work in your shop the same way that you were 20 years ago, you’re doing it wrong. In past years, you would post a job ad in the paper and have plenty of people walking in the door looking for work.

Things have changed. The skill level needed to complete advanced diagnostic and mechanical repair has become increasingly difficult to come by. Paired with extremely low unemployment means that, in order to be successful, you need to become proactive with your recruiting efforts. At Find A Wrench, we’re here to help.

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Post A Job

Gain visibility to your job opening by posting to the Find A Wrench job board for FREE. Serious about your recruiting plan? Upgrade for more visibility!



 Assisted Self Recruiting (ASR) Program

Our ASR Program is a subscription based service for shops that do not have time to find and filter resumes. Using our exclusive JAMS Dashboard, we’re able to market your job just like we would for a full service recruiting client. ASR Clients have the ability to utilize our services to write a job description and complete market research for an additional fee. ASR Clients can also upgrade to full service recruiting if they find themselves running out of time.


Full Service Recruiting

In order to be eligible for Full Service Recruiting, client must be enrolled in the ASR Program. Once enrolled, we focus on sourcing a large number of qualified candidates, screen out those who don’t qualify or aren’t interested, and pass along who’s left. Each potential candidate gets a phone screen by a highly experienced Find A Wrench Recruiter. Once an interested candidate shows interest and fits the shops description, we will pass along the Recruiter Impressions and work with you to setup an interview. Ask our Sales Department for details!


Corporate Partnerships

Got a large network of locations? Find A Wrench will work with you to develop a program aimed at assisting your network in finding resumes. Contact us for details and to setup a consultation.



Advisory Committee

Got opinions on what we can do to make our business better? Inquire about being a part of our rewards driven advisory committee and help us make positive changes to our business. We’re all about improvement and this helps us get there.